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Why Should You Switch Over To The Revolutionary Mineral Makeup?

by Muskie

We are all aware of the harm that makeup does to our skin, yet we can’t do without it. Makeup does make us look more confident and pretty but is it worth dealing with the excessive breakouts, clogged pores, sticky and oily skin or rashes that appear post their application. What if we tell you that you could still use makeup and not worry about any of this? So, what would you think is the best kind of makeup that you should use to avoid any of these problems? 

Mineral makeup is jumping the bandwagon and for the right reasons. Mineral makeup is made from materials which are extracted from the earth. The primary ingredients used to make mineral makeup are iron oxides for making various shades of skin color, zinc oxides as an antioxidant, mica powders for shimmer, titanium oxides as a natural sunscreen and some organic oils for lip products. Mineral makeup is trending amongst the millennials as it can be safely used in any weather and on all skin types such as sensitive skin, acne prone skin, oily skin and rosacea. It is usually free from parabens, fragrances, oils and other synthetic ingredients. Since the ingredients used are derived from the earth, it penetrates deep into the skin and has a number of benefits such as it won’t clog the pores, protects the skin from sun exposure by forming a barrier, soothes the skin and heals any existing injuries. 

How is mineral makeup different from any regular makeup product? Regular makeup contains synthetic chemicals and irritants such as perfume, talc, alcohol, waxes, oils artificial dyes and many more that causes the skin to age early. While mineral makeup will do away with most of these chemicals that could be harsh for the skin. Although there are mineral makeup brands that sneak in few of these chemicals without anyone finding it. To avoid such cases, it is best to read the label and steer clear from any of these chemicals that could possibly affect your skin in any way. True mineral makeup products would use bare minimum ingredients that are derived from naturally occurring materials. Regular makeup is composed of various waxes and oils that leave your face feeling heavy with makeup and clog pores. On the other hand, mineral makeup is light on the skin and makes your skin breathable. They can be long lasting and are available in different coverages for you to pick from, be it sheer to opaque. Even though at the moment they are famous for their foundations, there are still a number of lip and eye mineral products available over the counter.

Mineral makeup is constantly adapting and coming out with new products every year that are equivalent and replace the mainstream regular makeup. In a few years, we see it overtaking the regular makeup products with the makeup industry slowly switching over to mineral based products.  Looking gorgeous gets easier since they are available in numerous options and are easy to apply without anything to worry about. We know for sure that once you try it, you wouldn’t want to look back at anything else.