Why Face Serum is the most trending beauty product

By Sonali Bhatnagar

Yes, we all love the beautiful, morning-glow face. But, it takes a whole beauty routine to preserve and maintain the freshness of our skin.

Talking to women aged between 35 and 45, majority women revealed that they have daily beauty routines exclusively for their faces that include anywhere between 5 to 7 steps.

The 40 year old Asha gave us her 6 step routine that she incorporates on daily basis because as she quite rightly said, “You only have One Face. (usually!)”:

  • Double Cleanse
  • Mist
  • Eye Cream
  • Serum
  • Moisturizer
  • Face Oil

Almost all women agreed to exfoliate their facial skin on a minimum basis of two times a week, to get rid of dead skin and dirt. Even though it is not performed on everyday basis, it is claimed that exfoliating even once a week was essential for removing excess facial oils and the stubborn pollution it attracts.

But, why was face serum something that the ladies wanted to apply everyday? And, the common answer was that it was highly effective in brightening the skin and soothing it.

Anna McCarthy-Birch, aged 39 years gave her quick three-step daily ritual that consisted of cleansing and moisturizing twice a day with a dose of SPF. But, when asked what her favorite beauty product was, ‘Serum!’, was the excited response that we received, to which she emphasized, “Having a solid beauty (skincare) routine ensures your skin’s natural barrier is healthy & protected helping to keep skin, clear, & less prone to sensitivity.”

She also added advice to women her age by saying,

“Your skin changes as you age, and hormones also change skin condition. To combat skin concerns, or ageing you need to use a professional skincare that uses effective active ingredients & they must be used as part of a daily routine to get the skin you love. “

Women these days are privileged to a massive number of skincare and beauty products, but it seems like the serum takes away the spotlight.