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Wave Boat UK has launched the UK’s first virtual reality (VR) boat showroom.

With a forward thinking, industry-led approach at the heart of all it does, Wave Boat UK took the innovative step of adding to its luxurious customer service with the addition of a virtual reality showroom at the company’s Bournemouth based showroom.

It means customers can see and experience the company’s entire range of models including the innovative new Z-Line boat. Unlike any other boat available, the Wave Boat range can reach speeds of up to 50mph when powered by either Jet Ski or propeller. With the ability to float without the Jet Ski, the boat provides the thrill of the Jet Ski with the versatility and sociability of a boat. Wave Boat UK wanted to inject this fun into its buying process for customers too which is where the idea to launch the UK’s first virtual boat showroom was born.

Not only that, they will also be able to customise their boat to their own specification and see the finished product right before their eyes for final inspection before they order.

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