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Top Model UK Award Winner Tamara Kramer

“Hi, I’m Tamara ‘TK’ Kramer and I’m on a mission to help women unleash their potential and become the best versions of themselves. I use my story, my experiences and my expertise in fitness, dance and life coaching to guide and teach women to feel confident, increase their self-esteem and achieve their goals.”

Strong, independent and beautiful are not just the three words that describe Tamara Kramer. Tamara is a level 3 personal trainer and a certified nutritionist who has dedicated her life to help other women in the social and business sector to help them be and feel more powerful. For all the years in her life, Tamara has lived a life of experience travelling in the world of fitness and studying in the fields to be a life coach that has got her to develop a new love for her Women Academy and Public Speaking.

“I believe in simultaneously working on the mind and the body and strive to help people of all ages and fitness levels achieve their desired results and live a healthier and happy lifestyle.” – Tamara

Tamara Kramer, popularly known as TK’s journey began when she was a young model in Spain with an indefinite passion for dance. After developing her career in the dance and entertainment industry around the world, she decided to settle in the UK. Being the owner of Studio 68 London, which is a dance and fitness studio in Central London.

A dancer, business owner, model, a creative mogul, Tamara is a woman with many facets but she truly believes that she is a woman on a mission to provide self-uplifting lives to people. She was now, for the past few years has motivated and encouraged women to get their lives back on track after depression as it was one of her own personal experience that she had dealt with and opt for new career paths that help them achieve true happiness. She had learnt tough lessons and overcome a number of obstacles, the paths of her life lessons which she uses to help other women, creatives and businesses achieve success. In the process she has also helped two studios to recover from bad business periods and rebrand themselves to go forward with their new images in Spain and UK. Having said that, Tamara is also a creative, highly versatile artistic director, working with artists, performers and independent businesses on an array of different projects and specialises in art direction, choreography, merchandise, stage and styling.

Tamara’s 5 keys of practice:

  • Feminine Believe
  • Financial Independence
  • Building Confidence
  • Creating success
  • Defining a happy life on your own terms

She runs one on one & group coaching and mentoring techniques through her Women Academy events & workshops. She also develops the most important muscle and create transformation through a series of coaching sessions.

Tamara Kramer has never focused on one aspect of her career. Having started from entertainment sector she now opens doors to new ideas and endeavours such as film and talent management. Her vision is to expand her network and collaborate with businesses and women from various industries.

  • Creative direction leading and developing concepts
  • Brainstorming ideas and problem solving
  • Choreography and performance prep
  • Creating content for multiple channels & platforms
  • Identifying and closely collaborating with artists, performers and creatives
  • Delivering concepts to high-end commercial standards

Tamara Kramer was chosen as a finalist and won 1st place for her Personal Style Awards in the Top Model event in London on 26th June, 2021. Top Model is a fashion-themed reality television show format produced in many countries throughout the world and seen in over 120 countries producing over 200 seasons. Top Model Awards is the extension show recognised worldwide for its leading model search and fashion event in the UK and across the globe with a wide range of categories.

Her creative and experience in the industry over years got her to get to the position she is in today.

“Being chosen for this great award in such privilege industry event it is a feeling you can’t describe, there is no age, race or size that can limit walking in TOP MODEL runway and proves what a woman can do. Thank you, Top Model UK, and everyone that believes in what I do and stand for.”

Tamara encourages all ladies to be a part of her community and it can be you too! To keep up to date with all her events that happen 4 times a year. Her last event was it was a life changing and very motivational practical 2-day event that has helped women in a very positive ways of:
”       Self-discovery & self-analysis
”       Eliminate bad habits & create new good habits
”       Tools to help reprogram your mind & thoughts
”       Strategies to manage stress & anxiety
”       Self-love & confidence building techniques

She also runs “HEELS” classes and programs weekly where she empowers femininity and is called a women’s night.

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