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The Young Gun in Hospitality PR You Need to Know

Melbourne’s reputation as a mecca for food, coffee and hospitality has played a key part in Nikki Williams’ development and growth as a PR mogul – read her story now.

Some people dream of being an entrepreneur, while others are born with entrepreneurship in their bones. Refusing to be boxed into the normalcy of a 9-5 job, Milk Bottle Projects’ Director, Nikki Williams is a young, female talent who, at 21 years of age, decided that she wanted to run her own agency, from the comfort of her laptop,  realising that her creative, hospitality and PR expertise could be combined to uplift the venues and brands she loved on a pedestal for others to enjoy, Milk Bottle Projects in Melbourne was born.

With a resume that spans over ten years and industry stories that will make your jaw drop, Williams has extensive experience in the field, including working as Snoop Dogg’s PR girl in New York. Impressive accolades aside, Williams’ passion and keen eyes for emerging hospitality and lifestyle trends have allowed her to lead the pack and work with some of the largest names in the Australian hospitality and lifestyle industries, like RACV and Vitasoy – major players who have put their trust in Williams’ expertise.

Today, the Milk Bottle Projects team continually seeks out the best in the business to work with. “Entrepreneurialism, passion and a certain level of street-savvy are required to run a successful hospitality or lifestyle business, and these are the people we want to work within creating bespoke marketing strategies for each client to reach their specific objectives,” explains Williams.

While the hospitality industry has experienced a significant hit due to the pandemic, Williams has continued to work closely with her clients to transform the way success is achieved. By re-thinking the agency business model for the future, Williams has utilised new digital and traditional media to expand MBP’s success – despite the team having to work remotely. Whether its weekly brainstorming sessions through video conferencing or developing an online marketing course as an MBP extension, Williams only needs to be connected to the digital world to take the PR industry by storm. No matter where in the world she’s working or what she’s tackling, as long as she stays ahead of the competition for her clients, Nikki is set to soar with her entrepreneurship mentality.

Nikki Williams is the name to know in Melbourne PR if you want to go a step further towards success.