The Backes & Strauss Brand Story

At Backes & Strauss, the world’s oldest diamond company, we are passionate about cutting and polishing exceptional diamonds to perfection.  Our bejewelled watches, all handcrafted in Switzerland, are inspired by the architectural elegance of 19th century London, where the story of Backes & Strauss began.

For over two centuries, Backes & Strauss has constantly looked forward, pioneering new diamond cutting techniques and enthralling connoisseurs with its compelling designs.
Today, Backes & Strauss is part of the Franck Muller Group, a Swiss watchmaking group daring to imagine the future of precision Swiss watchmaking. Our partnership is a meeting of masters, resulting in masterpieces of horology in every detail.


Every round, brilliant diamond used at Backes & Strauss is an Ideal-Cut diamond, designed to emanate optimum fire and brilliance. The perfect symmetry and proportions of an Ideal- Cut diamond ensure that the light entering the stone refracts internally from 57 precisely placed facets and travels out through the top of the diamond, creating a mesmerising sparkle.

We work with only the highest specification diamonds. Every diamond at Backes & Strauss is a D, E or F colour and internally flawless with only a very, very slight inclusion.


Backes & Strauss and The Franck Muller Group are masters of the art and science of their respective crafts. While Backes & Strauss is occupied with light and Franck Muller is concerned with time, both share a devotion to mathematical precision.

The dial and case of a Backes & Strauss watch reflect the geometric symmetry of the Ideal Cut. Within the beating heart of the watch, the elaborately crafted movements convey a jewel-like beauty,

The result of this meeting of masters is a collection of timepieces so intricate, they are veritable masterpieces both inside and out.