Support your team’s wellbeing with fun in person events that can be done remotely

By Craig Bulow, Corporate Away Days

Lockdown has been a longer haul than most imagined when it started but look at what you and your team have achieved! The practical and emotional adjustments for working from home, juggling home-working and home-schooling, facilitating online meetings and keeping everyone connected when they are remote all seems rather old hat now!

And now some non-essential workers are gradually returning to work, with social distancing provisions in place and others are continuing to work from home.

Your team could almost certainly do with an injection of fun, as you would have done before lockdown, to thank them for their hard work and dedication. However, although they deserve a summer party or team away day, that isn’t likely to happen any time soon.

So, if you want to host an event to acknowledge your team and boost wellbeing and morale, here are a few ideas for fun things you usually do in person that can be done remotely:

Remote Workouts:

While some gyms have opened for outside classes and others are putting in measures to reopen safely, this is another activity team members can get together to do remotely. Perhaps you could find an activity you think most of the group will enjoy, such as yoga, body balance or a HiiT workout and hire an appropriate instructor to take the team from the basics and progress them on, perhaps weekly, until they can all see an improvement. Alternatively, if you have fitness bunnies on your staff maybe they can share their expertise, perhaps taking it in turns to share their tips on stretches, sit-ups, planks and so on. If a plan can be designed for those looking for that extra push to do exercise, this will be much easier when collectively engaged.

Zoom Arts:

If a gym workshop is not the thing, many celebrities have made dance classes available over lockdown and they are ones that we can all get involved in. Why not set up a team dance.  Perhaps you could all learn a routine to do together when you are finally reunited. The exercise will boost endorphins and could cause lots of laughter. Perhaps it could start a new hobby for some people. If you’re stuck for dance teachers, get in touch, we have some great teachers available who can bring their own music, routines and fun.

Comedy could also be a great team activity. Perhaps you could all vote on a classic comedy sketch, a live stand up performance or an episode of a series. Share it with the group and watch together or separately and then chat online to discuss the best bits.

Music is also a great way to destress and connect with others. Perhaps start a remote choir where you can all sing the same song together. It doesn’t matter if you’re not the next Taylor Swift or Shawn Mendes, singing also makes you feel good and relieves stress. Perhaps there are a few musicians in your company? A Zoom session to show and share their talents with others is another great way to build connections and talk about something other than work. Or just get each team member to share their all-time favourite track or the one song that always cheers them up. Whatever you choose, music is powerful.

Remote Wine Tasting:

If all that talk of activity is making you thirsty, why not try some remote wine tasting. Get the team to buy a bottle or two of the same wine and chat online about what they think of it. When that’s over, some small talk as you might have at an in-person event, is bound to lead to some giggles, especially if they “forget to spit the wine out”! And it means partners and housemates can also join in the fun. Corporate Away Days is partnered with a well-established wine event organiser who can bring selections of wines to your door with optional extras like cheese to accompany. They even have a fun quiz to take part in alongside the tasting – and all of it can be done remotely with no need to get together in-person. 

Gaming Together:

I’m sure a lot of parents will tell you that their tween- and teenagers have kept in touch playing games online. But gaming is not just for kids! In today’s world most homes will have a games console of some description, either in the back of a cupboard or in the loft, if not under the telly. Whether it’s the latest XBOX, Playstation or even more interactive Nintendo Wii, now is the perfect time to dust it off and select some competitive games or sports to offer up some healthy competition within your team. The latest models allow us to play interactively with each other. Is it F1, Tennis, Football, Minecraft, Chess, Scrabble? The list goes on and a league leader board can even be set up to motivate those joining in the fun.

Golf and Cycle:

Of course, not all activities have to be remote. As the lockdown restrictions continue to be eased, there are options for us to get together in twos and later in smaller groups. Now is a great time to build teams that logistically can meet with bikes or a set of clubs and enjoy timeless banter and exercise either on the golf course or checking out cycle routes close to homes. As long as social distancing is maintained, this is a great way to improve skills and fitness levels until bigger teams can enjoy an organised company away day.

Not all these options will be right for every team member. If one of them isn’t sporty or doesn’t drink, for example, try encouraging them to join in a way that is comfortable for them. However, there is little point forcing them if they really don’t want to. Try to mix and match your activities and ask your team for their feedback. Have fun!

Craig Bulow is the founder of Corporate Away Days, a corporate wellbeing events company delivering engaging, inspiring and exciting events focussed on Wellbeing and Reward activities. Corporate Away Days also creates, designs and builds corporate wellbeing policies and provides leading experts for interactive workshops, seminars and talks on improving mental health and overall wellbeing.


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