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Styling A Belt This Fall

A belt is more than just a functional accessory. It’s time to get a little more creative and add a personal flair to your fall outfits even if you plan on repeating your old ones. Using the right belt can give it a complete makeover and enhance your outfit or be a statement piece in itself. It is definitely one of the humblest yet chic accessories that one can count on since it has the potential to add a personality to a bland outfit. From thin or wide leather belts to colourful woven or braided options, belts are seemingly cooler and more versatile than ever especially if they are the primary accessory to enhance your attire. It is our go to accessory if ever there is an outfit dilemma we are to solve.  

We have pulled together a few tips on styling the best belts this fall that we believe will expand your personal fashion sense and give a trendy flair to your outfits.

1. Coloured or patterned vegan leather belt over your blazer

a woman in red coat wearing sunglasses
Photo by Mike Cabugao

A coloured or patterned wide belt over a long blazer can give your ensemble a strong focal point along with adding a fun element. With a longer blazer, you can create a unique silhouette by wrapping a wider belt around your jacket and buckling at the centre which adds a pop of colour to your ensemble and instantly add structure to it.

2. Chain belt with a monotone outfit

metal chain on leather pants
Photo by Lisett Kruusimäe

Chain belts are great to break up a coordinated or a monochromatic outfit. A well-polished mirror finish glossy gold chain belt has the capability to make any outfit look glamorous without even making an attempt.  

3. Mini logo belt on a maxi or shift dress

blond woman wearing yellow dress and hat
Photo by Вячеслав Немченко

Invest in a branded thin belt with a logo that stands out enough to add an extra oomph factor to your dress without stealing away the limelight from it completely. It can also just sit on your waist to give greater definition to your silhouette or add a pop of colour to your outfit, juxtaposing the hue of a dress.

4. Embroidered belt with an oversized shirt

brown leather belt
Photo by Pixabay

Embroidered belts are fairly less commonly used as compared to the others since styling them could be a bit of a task. A bedazzled sparkly embroidered belt with rhinestones could turn a casual shirt into a party outfit. Wear it on your waist as a centerpiece of the attire and to enhance your curves. 

5. Studded belt with a pair of denims

woman with blooming rose bouquet on gray background
Photo by Алекке Блажин

Belts with denims have been both a classic and a necessity. This outfit pairing is a no-brainer and is quite effortlessly chic. Pick belts with sparkling studs and hardware to make your outfit visually interesting. French tuck your tshirt to make sure the studded belt is clearly visible.

A belt has the power to bring an outfit together. From being a favourite accessory amongst influencers and celebrities to revamping your old outfits, using a belt can make even a basic outfit feel on trend.