Soldier Blue London

Located just around the corner from London’s oldest clothing market, Petticoat Lane in Spitalfields is Soldier Blue London, the world’s leading denim restoration and customisation atelier. When you walk through the doors it’s like an Aladdin’s cave of vintage equipment. Home to over 100 vintage machines dating from the 1800’s to 1960’s each with their own individual charm & unique purpose. This vast selection includes, Union Special, Reece, Cornely & Singer industrial machines which were used in the old factories producing the original Levis, Lee, etc.

The concept was born out of a love for the planet, the SBL team want nothing more than to promote sustainability and are therefore on a mission to encourage repair instead of re-buy. We all know how fond we can become over a pair of our favourite jeans so why throw them away when they rip or tear… Denim is a great durable fabric that can live on for very many years and with the help of SBL potentially forever by bringing them back to life in a truly original & authentic way. With a team of specialist denim tailors, it is the place for creative thinking, they have many quality products being updated & invigorated on a daily basis, offering an array of services including repair, restoration, customisation and fitting.

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