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Nightire – from the best Zoom outfit to a great night’s sleep

Sleep, or the lack of it, has been a hot topic of late as we manoeuvre the new normal that is social distancing. Searches for the terms “insomnia” and “can’t sleep” reached an all-time high in April/May 2020, according to Google Trends. The data does not reveal the precise cause for this spike, but the timeline coincides with worldwide COVID-19 lockdowns.

We are either struggling to fall asleep because we’re dogged by anxious thoughts or sleeping too much as the gravity of our current situation leaves us lethargic and sapped of willpower to get up and at ‘em.

Founder of the London-born sustainable sleepwear brand Nightire, Nina Clark, gets the battle. In a quest to conquer her own sleeplessness, she developed a range of beautiful sleep-supporting bamboo PJs.

Nightire’s new range promises to brighten up your day and night with bold colours and funky prints – patterns that are inspired by summer, no matter how grubby the weather really is outside. But most importantly, the pyjamas are purposefully designed to help you enjoy a better night’s snooze.

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