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Rebellious British Accessories from Furious Goose

Furious Goose burst onto the scene in 2016 with their exuberant accessories and are now stocked in some of the most exciting fashion capitals of the world such as Tokyo, Lagos, Seoul, London and Paris.

Their motto, ‘Dress like an aristocrat – Accessorise like an anarchist’ sums up their head-turning blend of tradition and luxury with rebellion and flamboyance.

Often asked about their eccentric name this is how they sum it up: “FURIOUS is for intense colours, fierce attitude and unshakeable confidence. GOOSE represents tradition, quality and not taking oneself too seriously.” But the question remains, was there a real goose? And the answer is yes – and he lived a long and angry life on a friend’s estate in Scotland. He was so furious that nobody dared to try and catch him, let alone cook him for Christmas!

The word that expresses Furious Goose most accurately is ‘exuberance’. There is a real joy-in-design that shines through each of their wide-ranging collections. The signature house style of crisp digital shapes and stunning colours is born from founder Patrick Morrison’s combined background in contemporary graphic design and the traditional Fine Arts.

The designs are unisex and appeal to all persuasions. They are aimed at all those who appreciate the finer things in life, especially the luxury of silk, but want to look bold and fashion-forward. Inspiration for the eclectic collections comes from the esoteric worlds of science, history, and art but also from the counter cultures of punk and the dance scene.

The brand is proudly designed and made in the UK. Their fabrics are printed in Macclesfield, the famous ‘home of English silk’, and the design studio is in Brighton. This allows for second-to-none British quality and attention to detail and a real sustainable production.

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