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Pond Safety Tips for Families

A Lovely Backyard Addition Should Also Be Safe

A pond in the garden is a source of delight for every member of the family. From the joy of having your very own wildlife haven to the tranquillity that a body of water instils, there’s a multitude of reasons why it’s a great idea.

Of course, security should be the number one priority – especially for those with young
children. The following are some crucial safety tips that should be considered, both for new installations and pre-existing ponds in any garden where children are likely to be in the vicinity.

New Ponds

So you’ve made the decision to create a pond. By far the most important consideration is
that of the location. Choosing a place that’s in plain view is vital – and that means being able to see the pond from inside the house as well. That way you can keep an eye on the kids from the kitchen or family room while they play outside.

Other locations could be close the patio, deck or BBQ area. In short, you want the pond to be in place that’s easily visible, not tucked away somewhere at the end of the garden.

Other safety features you might want to consider with a new pond build include:

  • The construction of a raised pond
  • Ensuring ground level ponds have edges that slope gently, allowing for an easy exit from the water

Safety Tips for all Ponds – New and Existing

The following are safety precautions that should be adhered to for all ponds in gardens.

  • Keep the pond and surrounding area clean and free from clutter.
  • Consider fencing the pond area. You could use the same safety fences used around swimming pools, as these have no gaps to squeeze through nor ledges that make it easy to climb over.
  • Make sure the pond has a very obvious border, such as large rocks, that present barrier to a small child.
  • Consider a safety cover or grid. These need to be able to support a child’s weight and there are various options on the market.
  • Think about installing a pond alarm. If you have a fence around the area you can attach an alarm to the gate so that you’re alerted should someone enter.
  • On the subject of gates, make sure these are lockable and that the catch is high up.
  • Spring loaded closing mechanisms ensure it can never be unintentionally left open.
  • Keep the pond well maintained, including the pruning back of any plants that restrict the view.

Even if you don’t have kids it’s a wise move to consider pond safety. Water is like a magnet to children, and you or your neighbors might have little ones or grandkids visiting.

Teaching children basic water safety is also vital. Examples of this might be:

  • No swimming or paddling in the pond
  • Asking permission before going close to the pond
  • No rough and tumble, running, jumping or playing close to the water’s edge

Safety First: Then enjoy…

While the first priority is, of course, water safety, it’s then time to ensure the whole family gets full enjoyment from your own wildlife haven.

Kids adore learning and exploring all the exciting features of a pond. They can watch as
animals and aquatic life thrives, discover water plants, learn about the importance of insects and even feed the fish, should you have them.

Parks Australia run regular pond dipping courses*, and you can take a lead from their
itineraries and carry out the same at home. Kids of all ages are fascinated by such activities, and hours of fun can be had by all members of the family throughout the year.

Get the Best Advice for your Garden Pond

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