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Muso Casa

Making heads turn with Muso Casa fashion

Muso Casa is a statement making luxury fashion brand that exclusively designs and hand crafts its products in-house. For all the luxe fashionistas, Muso Casa is the new modern fashion house where you can find everything to dress yourself up from head to toe including hair accessories, apparel, jewellery, footwear and leather accessories.

Creating standout fashion pieces that you would long to include in your wardrobe from a wide spectrum of the industry genre.


For ladies whose wardrobes are monopolised by nuanced lexicons of noir attires, the premium cotton base tops and skirts serve as an array of sensual separates to a polished après-hours dressing making them a winning candidate for cocktail hour. If you love to champion traditional silhouettes then these pairing will never disappoint.

If your lockdown wardrobe has been long overdue for a refresh, then the mood enhancing bling in their reverse applique dresses are sure to make you grab them off the rack. Making functional fashion inventive through its jersey base dresses, the brand ensures to make you a head turner on the streets.


The much-loved classic flats and platforms find a contemporary makeover with unique reverse applique glitter too. Thus, elevating the everyday basic footwear. Side bonus: They are 100% vegan just like their leather accessories.


Instagram approved bejewelled hairbands are the most elicit hair accessories. If bling is your thing then this is something you should not miss out on.

Their brand name clutches compounded with totes make their bag’s style circuit.

From the essentials to the elevated the brand leaves no style missed in their necklace collection. If you have a discerning eye for statement pieces then their signature asymmetric necklaces should be your go-to choice.

“Earning the approval of tastemakers and trendsetters, Muso Casa quickly became a name to reckon with.”

The brand has been noticed and featured in a number magazines such as Cosmopolitan, Red, Elle, Grazia and Harper’s Bazaar in the UK, Luxiders in Germany and Fashion Week Online and The LA Fashion Mag in The United States.

Creating impact making capsule collection in each but every genre, they are loud and proud being enthusiasts of slow fashion. Every order they receive is handcrafted to perfection upon receiving it with strict adherence to quality control. Thus, causing no wastages.

“Muso Casa is one of the very few brands where every product is made-to-order and is personally handcrafted by the designers themselves to provide the very best quality for their customers.”


The brand’s atelier has skilled milliners, cordwainers, couturiers, embroiders, jewellers, leather crafters and mask makers, all under one roof to craft instant conversation starter designs for its clients.

True quality is maintained at every level, from choosing pure natural fabrics for their main garment construction to using metals over plastics and choosing vegan leather over real leather (because it is morally incorrect to hurt the defenceless).

Ultimate in luxury is to go completely bespoke. Having dextrous multi-hyphenated craftsmen in-house at Muso Casa allows you to go all out on your imagination and have it right in your wardrobe.

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Instagram: @musocasa