London Jewellery

Farah Qureshi is a London jewellery designer who makes collections in ethical and sustainable jewellery.  Farah works with recycled silver and gold and Fairtrade gold.  All of the Fairtrade pieces are hallmarked with a special hallmark.  Farah aims to help the planet one piece of jewellery at a time.


Sustainability is very important to the business and Farah has had a keen interest for many years.  Using a high percentage of recycled metal ensures that there is minimal impact on the environment.  Using Fairtrade metal helps the mining communities and provides good working conditions for the miners.  There are many mines unfortunately where the working conditions are very harsh and dangerous and the pay is often inadequate.

All of the jewellery is made locally; in London and jewellery specialists help with the production of the collections, such as casters, engravers and setters.    


New collections are created each year.  The inspiration behind the collections comes from many different sources.  Botany under the microscope and the natural world is a strong theme. 

“There is such variety in nature which is inspirational”

Traveling to different places in the U.K and around the globe is another area of interest: different cultures, found objects and visits to museums are also of interest.

“Life is inspirational”

Farah Qureshi works from a stand alone studio and showroom in Alperton, where the making takes place.  She has also had the opportunity to travel and showcase the fine jewellery collections both internationally and nationally; at both retail and trade events.  Customers have the opportunity to make appointments to visit the showroom to discuss commissions.  Creative commissions are a growing area for Farah Qureshi.  Customers have the opportunity to order a custom made piece on a theme of their own choice or can have a piece personalised from designs that have been made.  They can also bring old unworn pieces of jewellery, which can be melted and reimagined.  Vintage gemstones can also be reused and recycled.

Farah Qureshi feels that jewellery makes a great treat for oneself and for others.  It makes a great gift for a special occasion. 

“Jewellery can finish an outfit and makes a stylish talking point too.”

The collections

The images show work from two key collections.  One of the collections is inspired by found objects in the home.  The humble safety pin is reimagined into a series of pieces including bracelets, earrings and pendants.  Some of the pieces are embellished with lavender amethysts in different hues.  They make fabulous everyday pieces and can be dressed up for the evening.

The second collection is inspired by botanical imagery and tapered pieces are formed into hooped earrings and pendants.  The collection is embellished with wine coloured garnets and synthetic pomegranate rubies.  There are also long dangling earrings with multi shaped gemstones, including a teardrop shape.  The teardrop shape is a shape which reoccurs through the collections.  There are also open rings, which can be stacked together to form an eye catching piece.

Farah Qureshi continues to build her business, even during the lockdown and sells her pieces both nationally and internationally.  The next event will be a virtual artists showcase taking place in West London.  It takes place from the 27Th June 2020 until the 5Th July 2020 and is called Virtual Studio West.