KSAR Collection

Handcrafted Natural Cotton Foutas

Behind the brand
I founded KSAR Collection in early 2020 after living in both Europe & North Africa. As a young entrepreneur I’m passionate about the unique style of hand made products and their functionality in everyday life. Personally, I adore their potential and practicality, especially that of the traditional Foutas. Foutas were my must have accessory whilst travelling on flights and welcoming guests into my home – no doubt they always received lots of compliments. The light bulb moment came when I realised how much Foutas can benefit everyone, be it their stylish design or practically for every home, flight, holiday or trip to the beach. My inspiration behind the brand comes from the Arabic word ‘Ksar.’ It’s often used to describe Castles or Forts and associated with the height of luxury. I now spend my time carefully planning new ranges and bringing an added little luxury into many lives.

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