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Jacob & Co. designs and co-signs the Billionaire Card

Billionaire called upon Jacob & Co. to design and participate in the creation of the Billionaire Card. Along with luxury card company Insignia, the three partners are releasing a hyper luxury and ultra luxurious Visa credit card with unrivaled amenities.
Openworked, set with diamonds, the card itself is a piece of jewelry. Reserved to 150 holders worldwide, Billionaire Card offers an unprecedented level of exclusive experience.

Jacob & Co. joined forces with longstanding partner Billionaire and Insignia to design and launch a rare breed of Visa credit card. The Billionaire Card is tailored to fit the needs of the UNHWI individuals both brands cater to. As a sign of actual rarity, membership is by invitation only and deliberately capped at a maximum of 150 clients to preserve the exclusivity and premium services offered.

Designed by Jacob & Co., developped by Insigna, the physical card is a luxurious piece that belongs in the jewelry world. Meticulously crafted from metal and lavishly gold-plated for a touch of opulence, it offers a unique appearance : like many of Jacob & Co.’s movements, it is openworked, featuring a graphic, radiant pattern. The card presents a jewelry variant, adorned with a constellation of pavé diamonds.

Entering the world of the Billionaire Card allows unparalleled access to coveted experiences and events, personalized to each member’s interests. With strategic partner alliances spanning Jacob & Co., Aston Martin, Riva, Spring and Ginori 1735, cardholders can revel in privileged entry to concerts, fashion shows, international sporting events such as the Super Bowl or the F1 Paddock Club Privé or even Oscar night, Coachella in California, Burning Man in Nevada, New York Fashion Week, Vogue’s Fashion Forces, and Highsnobiety’s private gatherings.