Inbar Freiman’s Fall 2022 Collection – Fairy Dreams

“Our new collection ‘Fairy Dreams’ was born at a much different time than our last, where our circumstances became an easier burden, the world had begun to move on, and we began dreaming about a brighter future. In Hebrew you would call this Atid Varod, a “pink future,” this term has acted as our anchor point in the process of creating our new collection. I conceived these gowns marveling in a fairytale future with a whimsical and dream-like ethereal beauty. 

The inspiration for the texture and fabrics of this collection were inspired by Israeli ceramics that focus on the organic harmony of nature. Whereas the silhouettes were carefully sourced from modern architecture that synchronizes its shapes with its surroundings. I took all these influences and combined the unique geometric sharpness with the softness and gentle draping of rich fabrics to create something beautiful and congruous to the female form. ”

Founded in 2015, Inbar Freiman is a luxury bridal brand based in Kfar Rut, Israel. Inbar’s designs are an extension of her elegantly feminine aesthetic and reflect both simplicity and sophistication. Inspired by modern architecture and organic design, her gowns are made for the bride who values detail, quiet elegance, timeless silhouettes and uncompromising quality, both in material and craft.  

Inbar Freiman’s signature style is best summarized as the union of luxury, detailed handwork and bohemian romance. Every gown is handmade with the finest fabrics: French lace, natural silk and chiffon. Gowns are accented in-house with hand-beading, embroidery, and delicate lace appliqué. Her design process always begins with texture and textile. Special attention is paid to geometric play, finding shapes and silhouettes that best flatter the feminine form. The result is unique design and gowns that are flexible to the lifestyle of the wearer, accented by movement.

Watch the collection film below.