How to clean your beautiful home safely and quickly

As countries around the world ease themselves tentatively out of lockdown, it is on the forefront of all of our minds to make sure that we are vigilant with cleaning and maintaining a sanitary environment to keep ourselves safe and healthy. Whilst it’s important to stay on top of things, this is just another thing to add to your busy to do list and to stay on top of, and it’s here to stay.
Popular cleaning product brand Unilever have predicted a permanent increase in demand for soap and other cleaning supplies as improved hygiene became a priority for households.
The good news? Simple disinfectants can work in your favour. However, this might be bad news for your expensive homewares, furniture and other surfaces that might need a little more TLC to keep clean. It’s not a good idea to bleach your car steering wheel or mobile phone every time you use it, and yet you need to make sure you clean and care for these as well as items such as your watch and handbag. Many cleaning and sanitising products can irritate the skin, are corrosive, and sustained use could cause more harm to your health than good, as well as needing frequent application by laborious wiping, cleansing or scouring.
Thankfully, the experts behind Safe Surface are here to share their top tips on keeping your home clean, whilst looking after your delicate possessions and skin.

  1. Don’t use old sponges or cloths

The thing you use to clean other items is more than often filled with germs itself, and kitchen sponges are notoriously guilty of harboring all types of bacteria including e. Coli. If you would like to make sure that you aren’t adding germs to your surface by wiping it, make sure that your
sponge is new, or has recently been cleansed by running it through the dishwasher on a top rack, or sterilised in boiling water.

2. Use soap and water for everyday cleaning

Whilst alcohol-based disinfectants are effective, soap is a highly efficient way of cleaning. For skin and high-contact surfaces such as handles, countertops, light-switches and taps, simple soap and some scrubbing destroys the molecular makeup of germs, bacteria and viruses. You aren’t just washing them down the drain, you are physically destroying them!

3. Save time by using a non-alcohol specially formulated spray
At Safe Surface, they have a specially designed formula that destroys both bacteria and viruses (including coronavirus) for up to five hours without alcohol or bleach. The quick and easy to use aerosol spray won’t stain your furnishings, and will give a streak and smear free finish to your polished surfaces. If you don’t want to spend your busy days scrubbing this is ideal for spritzing on surfaces that you come into contact with regularly, and popping in your bag for everyday use.
There’s one thing that is certain for us all, no matter how you decide to keep on top of things, cleaning is crucial in the current climate and it’s important to know how to keep your world clean and protected, whilst looking after your belongings and skin too!

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