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Garçon Wines

Sustainable wine packaging for a 21st century world. Meet some of the Garçon Wines team answering key questions especially for Regalier Magazine about what they do and why.

35 billion bottles of wine are consumed globally each year. Garçon Wines’ eco, flat wine bottle invention seeks to combat the inefficiency of how we package, transport, purchase and consume wine. The traditional round, glass bottle, a 19th century invention, is a heavy, fragile and spatially inefficient vessel; it is no longer fit for purpose in a 21st century world of changing consumers, complex supply chains, digital sales, resource scarcity, and importantly, climate crisis.

Innovating in shape to make the bottle flat, a cross-section of a Bordeaux bottle, means that the bottles are 40% spatially smaller, can be posted individually through an average UK letterbox and can be packed like books at scale to unlock more efficient, game changing secondary packaging which slashes carbon emissions and logistics costs. Made from 100% recycled PET – not single-use plastic – and fully, easily and widely recyclable, the bottles put pre-existing plastic back to good use, mitigate the material from ending up as waste, and produce less carbon emissions than both virgin PET or glass. This lightweight material means the bottles are 87% lighter than a traditional glass wine bottle, subsequently also saving more than 500g of CO2 across the supply chain.

Unlike other alternative wine packaging formats, the bottles retain the emotional connection of drinking wine from a bottle that looks beautiful enough to be proudly placed on a dining table. As a wine packaging solution for a 21st century world, the eco, flat wine bottle is bringing about the most significant advancement to wine packaging in the past two centuries, contributing to happier consumers, a wealthier industry, and most importantly, a healthier planet; a benchmark example of triple bottom line sustainability.