Future Vision Your Working Life

Business Consultant and author Anne Jirsch releases her latest book

Business consultant, author and professional psychic Anne Jirsch has launched her latest book, Future Vision Your Working Life. London-born Anne was inspired by the struggles many of her clients faced with the changes in their world of work. And, given the pandemic these types of changes are now affecting the nation. She found the developments in their daily lives were overwhelming and as they adapted to one adjustment, another one would appear. Many also complained of getting lost in the amount of training courses they were expected to attend. Given her status as a leading world pioneer in Future Life Progression, her unique glimpse into the future showed her there were far more changes ahead within the workforce and organisations need to operate in a different way. 

Change is going to come in every industry and it doesn’t matter if you’re the CEO of a multinational company, an IT consultant, a nurse, cafe owner or therapist,  if you do not anticipate that change you will inevitably slip backwards. Therefore, Anne herself has created a unique Future Visioning business tool that allows people to anticipate the way forward in their career or business, but also helps them thrive and enjoy the journey. Future Vision Your Working Life aims to help employees to tread to their future work path. The book uses the 10 strategies and teaches readers to be guided by their intuition, tap into their creative genius, use every part of their brain, understand their way of processing information, finding their tribe, understanding their purpose and allowing flexibility and flow. 

 Anne says: “My own glimpses into the future showed me that far more change was to come and we needed to operate in a very different way in business, otherwise we would burn out and be left behind.

I began watching those who always seemed to thrive, who anticipated the future and made change work for them. I looked into the future to find out what skills we need today and in the coming years.” 

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