Cool & Original Made in Margate Leather Accessories

Aimed at people of all ages who are self assured in their style choices, russellrussell’s originality of approach means it is a brand unlike any other.  An Isle of Man based label, designed by Sally Russell who aims to create unique, leather accessories.  Her collection is designed with a minimal aesthetic in mind, soft and unstructured the bags have no base and no hardware creating a simple and visually beautiful silhouette.  All the accessories are created slowly by skilled artisans in Margate, England.  Each bag is a striking, tactile work of art yet gloriously functional too.

Inspired by the founder’s time in France where her passion for a more paired back, uncomplicated look began.  She admired the way French women made style look effortless by opting for classic staples, usually in a simple colour palette, good tailoring and an occasional element of surprise.  They possess a clear understanding that it’s all about considered purchases and understated confidence.

Sally says “When you love something you want to be able to use it all the time so that’s why my bags have been designed with versatility in mind.  They can be worn in the crook of your elbow, over your shoulder, in your hand or folded into a clutch.  I value style and substance equally and therefore have no hesitation in saying my handbags can go everywhere with you.”

These bags truly are a triumphant blend of effortless style, audacious design and practicality, a combination you seldom see.  Sally has raised the bar when it comes to accessory design, she has reinforced the notion that you really can have it all. Be in no doubt, if you feel that there’s something missing from your life, if you need something to fill a gap in your wardrobe, may have what you need.