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Boutique and innovative baby brand: Love & Lee

Founded by Managing Director – Eve Cammell, Love & Lee ™ commenced operations in July 2019.

Based in Noosa – Australia, Love & Lee is a socially and environmentally responsible brand designing baby products with innovative packaging design and environmental sustainability at the forefront.

The success of Love & Lee can be attributed to its values and the company proudly ticks all the boxes which consumers have been searching for;

Organically certified | Free from nasty chemicals | Plastic free | Ethically produced | Sustainable | Carbon commitment | Innovative packaging

Forging ahead with the 2020 goal to make Love & Lee a carbon offset business – this process includes calculating all emissions throughout the supply chain (from growing the raw material right through to sales) and offsetting those emissions by planting trees.   It is a huge undertaking but Love & Lee’s founder is committed to making this happen.

Having won 3 gold awards in its first year of operations, this is a start up to keep your eye on.

Love & Lee uses their packaging in an innovative way and as an opportunity for parents to connect with their children.  Anyone who has had more than 1 child, knows that when the baby is born, the older sibling often feels left out – especially at the baby showers and when the baby gets all the presents.

Love & Lee produces beautiful gifts for the baby (swaddles, blankets, playmats and washcloths) – but the gift is not just for the baby, because they understand how important it is to include the older children through the process of a new baby. 

Love & Lee packaging is uniquely designed to turn into toys.  If there are no older siblings, the toy can be placed on the nursery shelf to decorate the baby room.

In addition to this benefit, the repurposing of packaging is also environmentally friendly and supports the companies plastic free, reuse, reduce and recycle policies.  Customers are loving the thoughtfulness which has gone into the product and packaging design for them.

Based in Noosa, Sunshine Coast, Australia – Love & Lee posts worldwide.  Check them out at