Become a Millionaire with These Seven Habits

Imagine how you will feel when are a Millionaire. You will be financially secure and can live the life of your dreams every day. A new book reveals all — STEALTH MILLIONAIRE: How to Save Money and Manage Your Money like the Rich.

Many people believe that millionaires were given the money by their parents — but that’s not true, as a survey by Fidelity Investments found that 86% of millionaires were self-made 1 . So, no matter your financial situation, it is possible to become a millionaire by following the well-trodden path and given enough time. “I came from a poor family and started in debt,” said George Choy, from Kent.”
“Once we’d learned how to manage our money, we became millionaires and quit our jobs by the time I was only 39 years old,” said his wife Sarah Choy.
The couple knew the steps they had taken to save and invest their money, but they wondered how other millionaires had achieved it?
Were there any common steps that everyone could easily do to become a millionaire, as fast as possible? The answer was “Yes.”
They interviewed several millionaires and published their findings in STEALTH
MILLIONAIRE, which introduces the ‘MILLIONAIRE’ model to explain the seven habits.
Millionaire Mindset: As children, our parents program our attitudes towards money. Most will view money as scarce and not important. We all learn negative phrases such as “money doesn’t grow on trees,” or “money is the source of all evil”. “Once you learn to recognise your negative verbal programming,” said George, “you can retrain your mind to a Millionaire Mindset, which will help you to hold onto more money”.
Invest: The different asset classes to create multiple streams of income. How to structure
them in tax-efficient ways, so you keep more of what you earn. Also, how to protect your
wealth, right from the start.
Live below your means: That doesn’t mean living like a monk. The life of someone earning £1,000 a month will be very different from someone earning £20,000 per month. The book covers good debt, bad debt, how money is wasted, and how to build wealth on a small salary.
Low-key life: You’ll discover why everyone is obsessed with conspicuous consumption, and how we are brainwashed to spend every day. You’ll learn how to get out of the downward spiral.
Imitate: You’ll learn how to find wealthy people that fit your values and how to think like them.
Offspring: One of the problems of second-generation rich is that they can feel entitled and unmotivated. You could end up paying for their extravagant lifestyle your entire life. Learn how to make them self-reliant and motivated to create their own wealth.
Net Worth: How the millionaires tracked their net worth, income and expenditure.
1 Fidelity® Millionaire Outlook 2012

“The great thing is, all these habits are easy to learn and apply”, said George. “And best of all, you can take action to become a millionaire from day one”.
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George Choy and Sarah Choy are authors of RETIRE NOW! Your Blueprint to Financial Freedom Through Property. The couple became millionaires and quit their jobs when Sarah was only 39 years old. They live in Kent with their two young children.