Ballonet Socks

Ballonet Socks is a design socks company from London that celebrates individual style through striking colours and unique unisex designs. Inspired by everyday details Ballonet Socks creates geometrical stories turning socks into design canvases.

Ballonet Socks was founded by two women entrepreneurs in 2012 to bring happiness and boldness to sock lovers’ feet. The two friends with different professions decided to unite their experiences on design and management fields to create a strong brand. The vision to make quality socks with distinctive designs was the inspiration behind the brand.

Their design target has always been creating timeless patterns. This never stops them from being contemporary as well. As an example the AW 2020-2021 trend colours exuberance orange and mandarin have a big focus on their latest collection.

Besides being an appealing accessory, Ballonet Socks’ special yarn composition using double folded combed cotton threads and its top production quality by experienced craftsmanship, provide comfort and durability. Ballonet Socks complies with the international quality standard in textiles, the Oeko-Tex® and hence ensures a healthy and pleasant experience for fashion lovers by preserving the brightness of colours along with the softness of its texture.

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