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Argon’s SpaceOne Kickstarter campaign passed the million-dollar mark

On May 11, the first day, the project registered $100,000 within the first minute. Then the numbers started to zip across the screen like in The Matrix, inexorably advancing towards the million-dollar mark.

The last 48 hours before the campaign’s official end will tell us whether this symbolic milestone can be reached in euros. But regardless of the currency, the two co-founders and ‘partners in time’ will have made history with this, their first joint masterstroke. A dazzling success, surely, but is it a surprise when you consider the two people behind it?

Theo Auffret (27), a passionate independent watchmaker, and Guillaume Laidet (37), a serial watchmaking entrepreneur, both French, full of energy and already recognized in the watchmaking industry.

You could say it was written. A second project is already in the pipe. Stay tuned.