Beauty Skincare

An Introduction to UXB Skincare

The hot new skincare line born in London and inspired by the Hummams of Turkey.

UXB was created in 2018 by Simon Driscoll. Its opulent branding, use of natural ingredients and cleansing exfoliating rituals was inspired by the traditional baths found in Turkey. 

In 2016 Simon and his wife Liz were vacationing in the stunning resort of Olu Deniz when they decided to visit a hummam (Turkish bath house). It was a full sensory experience with fragrant vapours wafting through the steamy air and warmed benched soothing tired boned and muscles. Their bodies were washed, massaged and scrubbed with exfoliating cloths until it felt as soft, supple and smooth as the day we were born. A range of soaps were used in the process each containing herbs and oils used for millennia to heal all skin complaints. 

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UXB sells directly to consumers via its website It is offering free delivery on all orders and readers can get 20% off their purchase using the discount code regalier at checkout.