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Alexander Joseph – Cordless Lighting

Top 5 reasons for going cordless!

With a background in developing new products, we realised we could create something unique, and do it well. It became obvious that demand for high end lamps to suit more discerning customers would work best. Our range of decorative cordless table lamps has been designed by some of the UKs finest artists and product designers. The ceramic and glass bodies are all hand made by master craftsmen in small workshops. All components come from UK suppliers known to us, with finishing and assembly undertaken by Alexander Joseph. We are very proud to claim our products are 100% British.

We are now living in an era that no longer demands cables! “Cutting the cord” means we no longer need to be tied to the wall by an internet cable. We do not have to sit next to sockets to charge our mobiles. Gone are the days of relocating a vacuum’s plug to reach the next room. Wireless internet, wireless charging, cordless vacuums, wireless headphones, cordless power tools and now, cordless lamps. Here are 5 reasons to go cordless with lighting…

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