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A Key Message from – Key Business Marketing

“We are digital marketing experts who want to take away the inconvenience of managing your own website, social media channels and copywritten communications away from you so that you can concentrate on managing your business.

Whether you want to boost your website with high ranking SEO content or fixing technical errors preventing a good search engine score, to creating content for social media outreach or interactions with a growing audience, our team of communication and technical specialists can deliver fast, cost-effective solutions and show you how to do it at the same time.

We are attentive, straightforward and collaborative. This means that we will show you data driven third party reports highlighting the errors on your website and social media accounts and what needs to be done to correct them. If you would like to use our services, then we will show you what is involved and, once completed, the updated report to confirm that the issues are resolved.

We use partially automated systems which reminds us of what jobs are due and automated emails to remind you of what we are doing or what we might need from you. Each month we collate all the reports from the various analytics sites and send this to you in one easy to understand email to prove our own works.

All of our services have internal procedure manuals written to ensure best practice processes which are following the industry leaders’ recommendations and also to ensure that all of our staff are consistent in their approach.

You will have an account manager to work with you on all of your services so you will not have to deal with multiple different parties.

Clearly written English language skills are at the core of what we do and what you need in order to reach your audience and have them understand your message first time, every time. Our staff have further education English qualifications and/or work experience in copywriting, proofreading and communications.

We also use brand questionnaires to identify your brand assets which you currently have or which ones you will need to develop. We identify your position in the market by comparing to your competitors through software analysis and we confirm keywords and key phrases with high search volumes that you need to target in order to reach your intended audience. All of this will allow us to produce a brand persona for your business and characterise your customers which ultimately will produce brand guidelines for your business’ digital voice, fonts and colours.

Our marketing questionnaire will cover off which technologies you use for your PC or mac, softwares used, hosting provider, website platform, e-signatures, website terms and conditions and privacy policies, letters of engagement, letterheads, business cards and compliment slips, logos, banner images, stock images, professional photos, bespoke web designs or a theme, relevant and clear information on your webpages, and then to produce a roadmap for you to improve and add to your digital footprint continuously into the future.

With this roadmap and arsenal of information we can then really target driven advertisements on google, other search engines or social media channels for your intended purpose of conversion, brand awareness or interactions. Ultimately the initial data gathering will reduce uncertainty and produce a greater return on your marketing spend.

We can provide low fixed fees for specific works but then ongoing low fixed monthly fees for a continuous output of content from which you will only have to spend a little time to approve the works before they go out.

Let us take this work off your hands, let us prove the direction that your marketing should take and let us get you more clients at the same time.

Please get in touch today for your free website and social media audit report and a half hour consultancy.”

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