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A Flexible World through the Eyes of Cheney Hamilton.

Three years ago, I founded, driven by the unfairness that women who had spent years building their career before choosing to have kids, who were then penalised for wanting to return to a job that offered them flexibility.

My eldest daughter was born with a medical condition which meant that she spent her first 15 months in a full-body cast and had to endure multiple surgeries on her hips. I received the best support and flexibility from my employer when I needed it but by the time my second child arrived and my eldest was perfectly healthy, my request to return to work with flexible hours was rejected. I found myself faced, like many other parents, with the conflicting pull of wanting to return to work but the flexibility not being there.

I soon discovered that finding a flexible role was harder than I’d ever imagined. Searches for flexible roles came back with targeted adverts from multi-level marketing companies, selling in the idea of being my own boss. I’d worked in recruitment as both a consultant and in media sales for over 16 years and knew that flexible roles existed but I couldn’t find them ‘on purpose’.

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