The Difference Between Editorial and Advertorial

Although most magazines today cater to regionally curated content, Regalier is one of the first magazine in the world that caters to its readers and clients on a global scale.

Our magazine is available worldwide on a number of platforms and can be translated by readers in the language of their choice for the convenience of reading. To give maximum coverage to our clients and brands associated with us, we offer our magazines completely free of cost to our readers.

We get a large number of emails everyday, but, before brands/businesses pitch to us, we would like them to categorize their email subject to either ‘editorial pitch’ or ‘advertorial pitch’. And if you are not sure about which one you would like to pick, please read the below article.

What is Editorial?

Editorial content would include style guides, gift guides, interviews, articles and editor’s pick. These are the brands and content chosen by the editors should they find your content fit for the magazine. There may be a chance when your brand might not qualify for the guides or articles. If you are lucky and your brand is chosen for our editorial content there will be a very minimal technical fee charged from you (because hey! Our writers, editors, technical team, legal team, accounts team and a whole bunch of other team members who are working hard to get your brand out there, won’t work for free.)

What is Earned Editorial?

Now, many of you may ask for earned media (which is obviously free). So please find below the eligibility criteria for earned editorial (and yes, statistics will have to be submitted during the pitch):

  • Your minimum Instagram followers should be 50k with follower to like ratio of 10%.
  • You should be a famous personality. For example: Actor/Actress, Singer, Designer, Public figure with a rank, etc. (or if you have a fashion show, movie or album coming up).
  • You have previously had at least 5-10 press releases.
  • You have a well marketed company.

So what else is exactly free?

  • Photography features
  • Collaborations
  • Invites to an event, show or for travel/hospitality businesses

What is Advertorial?

An advertorial can be banner and square ads on our website, full page advertisements in our E-Magazine, affiliate marketing programs and promoted social media posts. One can also request for an article or interview advertisement. In this particular case, one doesn’t need to be chosen for an ad. You can simply ask for the media kit or the advertising rates and book slots with us.

This concludes the difference between the paid/earned editorial and advertisement.

If you still feel you have questions, then drop in a mail to