Here is a detailed guide to become part of Regalier E-Magazine and web. Remember that strict adherence to these rules will increase your chances of seeing your name on our publication, web and social platforms.


Each material should have its own format – so the reader finds it easier to navigate. We offer some of the most convenient formats with examples.


1. Selection

Example:  selection of best nude lipstick shades , selection of most fashionable movies, etc.

2. Review

Example:  Prada launched their new handbag and this is how it is, A book review of the just launched Harry Potter, etc.

3. Guide

Example: A guide to roaming about London in one day, a guide to having the perfect skin, etc.

4. Analysis

Example: COVID-19 has taken a toll on many lives and this is how it has affected the mental health.

5.  Brand / Business (If qualified under editorial)

  1. Brand / Business Story
  2. Article about a collection / product / service
  3. In-conversation with a brand ambassador

6. Interviews

A detailed interview about who you are, what you do, etc.

7. Short Stories

Any short story that you have written and would like it to be published.

Topic of article

The more accurate the topic of the article, the better. It is better to break one broad topic into many narrow ones.

Text structure

Each article begins with a heading and a subheading; they appear on the main page. After reading them, the reader should immediately understand what he learns from this article.

Introduction immediately reveals the essence of the article and talks about why the author decided to write it.

Everything related to the topic of your article. Without further details.

Article length

The optimal length of the article should be approximately 200-350 words.

Note: It is very important not to use the words “I” or “Me” in any of the articles unless in quoted format. No form of plagiarism will be accepted.

Text filling

The usefulness of each article lies in its specificity. Abstract lengthy descriptions of your sensations or landscape are not necessary for the reader. Cut off all the unnecessary.

Make your text as readable as possible.

Check your spelling. Please double check your spelling before you send your articles.


Please make sure that permissions are granted if required details are sensitive and taken from elsewhere so as to avoid copyright infringement. The magazine will not be liable to give credit to a brand or business unless it has been directly been approached for the same. (Journalists can contact us for further details.)


All articles must be supported with high resolution images or videos. The magazine is not liable to give credits to a photographer or any other third party for other items shown in the image. (Article submissions need not follow the below stated photography guidelines. That is for exclusive photography features.)

Photography Features

All photography features must follow the below stated guidelines:

  1. We accept previously unpublished photos and photography portfolios of at least five images.
  2. Formatting: Images must be provided with a resolution of at least 300 dpi, or greater, and as a .png or .jpg that can be reproduced at 1,650 pixels wide. The photograph could be in either landscape or portrait mode.
  3. Please do NOT include borders or watermarks.
  4. The focus of the image should be on the subject.
  5. Avoid taking photos with inappropriate sayings on them.
  6. If the photographs are submitted on behalf of someone else, please make sure that all necessary permissions have been taken.
  7. Credit – Photographers are credited for each photo published. Although photographers retain copyright, by submitting photos to Regalier, photographers are assigning Regalier the right to use the photos in current and subsequent publications in which they appear in digital format.
  8. Photography features for the first six issues is unpaid.

Videos Features

Topics for the video can be chosen from any of the article types. Please follow the below guidelines for all video submissions:

  1. All videos must be in landscape.
  2. Minimum resolution of the video should be 360p.
  3. Minimum length of the video should be at least 5 minutes.
  4. Please be appropriately dressed for the videos.
  5. Make sure that your frame ambiance is the way you would like your brand to portray.
  6. The audio must be clear.
  7. Introduce yourself in the beginning and add ‘We are filming this for Regalier’ – Example: “Hello, I am Adam, the CEO of Awesome Shoes and we are filming this for Regalier.”

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All articles are to be sent in .docx format to

The magazine displays content only of the brands / businesses / people associated with it and no other third party. (Please note: This is not applicable for journalists / writers.)

Note: The editors reserve the right to edit the text and choose images, if need be. The editors reserve the right not to publish material if it does not fit the format of the site.

By submitting your material, you give the right to publish your material on the site, its E-Magazine and its social media platforms.


By submitting articles, photos and videos in Regalier Magazine you are stipulating to us that you own copyright to the content or have the necessary permission from the copyright holder to submit them. You are granting Regalier Magazine a non-exclusive license to use the content in its submitted form, subject to minor altering to fit the magazine format, for publishing on the Regalier website, social media and digital magazine for as long as the platforms exists. Please note that previous issues of Regalier may remain available in the archive for as long as the website exists. Regalier will not be compelled to give any credits to a third party. If an image is used as a cover to the magazine you are granting Regalier Magazine permission to use it for promotion on Regalier’s social sites. None of the photographs may be downloaded, stored, printed, manipulated, distributed, or used in any form without prior written permission from the copyright holder. Should you, for any reason, wish your photographs to be removed from the website, we will make every effort to do so. However, please note also that third parties such as educational institutions, search engines or individuals may download, save, store or archive this (or any other) website with or without our knowledge. Regalier Magazine will have no control over such downloading and subsequent use and therefore cannot accept responsibility for any such use.

Please note: At this point of time, we are not looking to commission any article. But, you are free to contribute articles for the magazine and its website.