Regalier Literature Website Submission

$ 10.00

This submission is for the Regalier Literature website.

Submissions will be accepted in the form of .doc or .docx files on the Checkout page.

Please read the description below.


You are only allowed to submit one document per submission but can opt to give multiple submissions separately.

Please make sure you have checked for grammatical and spelling errors in your document.

In the message section of the Checkout, please mention:

  • What you are submitting (ex: your form of poetry, flash fiction, short story, etc.).
  • If you are using slangs, regional or local language (so that it does not get auto-corrected).
  • Although we accept both published and unpublished content, we do encourage you to mention it to us.
  • Or mention if you are opting for an interview instead of a submission.

The use of offensive words or slogans will immediately lead to the disqualification of the submitted content without a refund.

Once the submission is made, it will take 15-30 days to show up on the website from November 2021 onward.

Please note that all charges are for administrative purposes only.