Brand Membership

If you are a brand that would like to enjoy the Regalier Audience for a whole year, or would like to consider all our offered services, then this is for you:

Membership Benefits:

  • 2 Magazine Features (Regalier is a quarterly magazine) or 2 Website Features or 1 each. (No words or page limit for members)
  • 1 Full Page Ads in each magazine for the year (Total 4 Ads)
  • 2 slots in our Gift / Style Guide in any two magazines of the year.
  • Fun Promotional Content page in magazine
  • Interview Opportunity
  • Collection Showcase Opportunity
  • Promotional Content allowed
  • Publishing across our social media platform
  • Cover Opportunities (Upon availability, selection and extra charge)

Validity: 1 year

1.    Magazine Feature: This will include a dedicated article in the E-Magazine, exclusively for your brand with supported high-resolution images. (

2.    Website Feature: A dedicated website article with supporting high-resolution images or videos of the brand. This qualifies as a backlink for your brand for SEO purposes which increases your Google ranking.  

3.    Style Guide: A collection of statement fashion pieces from across the online shopping markets for the season or events of the season. It includes only one image and 5-10 words text supporting the image. This would be a part of the E-Magazine only. (Please refer to pages 16-17 of our Issue 3:  

4.    Gift Guide: A festival/occasion gift guide which includes one brand image of the gift with a supporting 50 words text. This would be a part of the E-Magazine only. (Please refer to pages 48-50 of our Issue 3:  

5.    Interview: The Interview will include our editors sending across a set of questions that would have to be filmed while answering at your end and would have to be sent back to us. Our video editors will then polish the video and publish the video. (Ex:   

6. Fun promotional content page in magazine: (Ex: Page 11 of

7.    Full Page Image Ad in Magazine  

Please note: These prices do not include writer charges and are non-refundable. All images, videos and content would have to be sent from the client’s side.

USD 500