Regalier is the world’s first global luxury magazine that curates exclusive content from around the world and is available to its readers for absolutely free. Regalier has launched in August 2020 and is a bi-monthly E-Magazine that is published every alternate month but also publishes articles across its digital platforms.

What makes it global? Regalier aims at curating the best from the west to the east and offers its content online in all possible languages for everyone to read. Luxury means expensive, but it also means quality, style and innovations that give mankind the extra edge in its everyday lifestyle. We cover everything from fashion; to lifestyle; to ideas, brands and people making a difference and let the readers choose the luxe life they would dream to live.

Now, some of you may also have the thought of why is this magazine free for its readers? Don’t they pay their writers, editors, graphic artists and development staff? Well, let us inform you that we make our earnings from advertising and technical charges that we apply but keep our content free to read to give maximum exposure to the businesses and brands associated with us.

There are so many out there who are unable to do so because they fail to make it to the top league to be selected for a magazine. We, at Regalier, believe that there are millions of businesses and brands out there who absolutely deserve to get noticed. So whether you have a small loyal set of followers or a big one, it won’t matter to us as long as your brand or business as long as you have something great to offer to the world!

We believe in you! Don’t trust us? Then send in your pitch and find out!

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